2040 Vision

Haslingden - Small town, big heart

The Haslingden 2040 Vision – Investment, Evolution, Revitalisation & People

There is an emerging vision for Haslingden Town Centre. This document encompasses views from political leaders, community leaders and residents from Haslingden.

The current Haslingden 2040 Vision has been widely distributed for some-time and has been made available to the public via the InvestinRossendale website.

Now – there are new opportunities to continue to shape the future vision of your town. This website is the best place to look for updates on when further consultation events that will be organised in Haslingden.

There are 4 key principles underpinning
the current Haslingden 2040 Vision

Investment Evolution Revitalisation People
Haslingden will be a flourishing environment for burgeoning creative, leisure and artisanal industries. It will be known for its start-up support, diverse business base and volume of customers, which will raise its profile as a prosperous town with a resilient economy. Haslingden will evolve into an attractive and distinctive town centre which embraces its unique charm, creating a sense of place that is accessible to everyone. There will be places for people to meet and gather, alternative movement routes will be encouraged and developments in the town will be balanced with its special character. Haslingden will be a town rich in vibrancy that connects people to nature, art, music, the countryside, culture and its heritage. It will be an interesting and colourful hub of social interaction, celebrating the town which offers something for everyone. Haslingden will represent the fusion of its diverse communities. People will feel safe and enjoy greater health and well-being. Employment opportunities will be in abundance. Education, health, youth and voluntary provision will be promoted and readily accessible on the High St.